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Now in its 14th year, the Cribs for Kids Breath of Life Stroll represents a celebration of the lives of infants who have left our world too soon. Although Cribs for Kids advocates for babies that have died in unsafe sleeping environments, our Breath of Life Stroll embraces families that have suffered an infant death of any kind, including miscarriage and stillbirth. Our Healing Hearts Bereavement Program offers support to any family suffering the life-altering tragedy of losing an infant.


We Stroll to raise funds to distribute safe cribs and safe sleep education to families in need with a goal of serving 500 families this winter. We are excited to honor both Safe Sleep Awareness Month and Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month by walking in the 2022 Cribs for Kids Breath of Life Stroll.


Review the following tips which will help you reach your fundraising goal.


Tell your Story- Why are you walking in the Stroll? Take a moment to write down the answer to this question. Sharing your personal story or your story of support matters.

Set a Goal - For every $70 you raise during the Stroll, a Cribs for Kids Cribette and vital safe sleep education is given to a family that needs a safe space for their baby to sleep. By stating your goal, your followers will become invested in you achieving success.

Get Social - Using Social Media is a great way to get others to support you in your efforts to raise money for the Breath of Life Stroll. Don’t forget to follow Cribs for Kids on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on Stroll contests and giveaways!

  • Access a variety of sample Social Media posts HERE. Copy and paste them onto your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages to help spread the word about the Breath of Life Stroll throughout October.
  • Remember to always add a link to your donation page. Make it easy for your followers to donate. Use your donation page link in every Stroll post that you create. Be sure to also add it to your emails and texts. Their ability to donate should always be only a click away.
  • Access a variety of images to add to your posts and tweets HERE. Images are crucial to drawing your follower’s attention to your post. You can also add images or videos of you walking or images of a baby or family that you are supporting by walking in the Stroll.
  • Add the hashtag #BreathofLife2022 to every post you create. This will allow us to locate and amplify your post and will also be crucial to entry in weekly prizes and giveaway contests throughout October.
  • When somebody sponsors you, thank him or her publicly by writing on their Facebook wall and/or “tagging” them in a thank-you message posted on your wall. This not only lets that donor know how grateful you are but also inspires others to donate.
  • If you have Stroll teammates on Facebook or Twitter, post comments that create some healthy competition. See who can be the top fundraiser on your Stroll Team.

Email or Text - Social media is not the only way to reach out for donations. Take the time to send a heartfelt email or text to your contact list. Be sure to tell them why the Breath of Life Stroll is important to you. Tell them about your donation goal and be sure to include the link to your donation page.


Top Ten Tips for a Successful Stroll


  1. Do Your Research - Be prepared to talk about the importance of safe sleep education and the impact that a safe crib will have on families. Visit to learn more.

  2. Grow Your Team - Ask each team member to convince a friend or two to walk with you. Onboard your new members by passing all of this information on to them. The more the merrier!

  3. Lead the Way - Kick off your fundraising with a self-donation. A self-donation on your fundraising page shows your commitment to helping every baby sleep safer.

  4. Use Sharing to Your Advantage - Ask friends and family to forward your message to their circle. This can be done on social media by adding a please share message to your post. You can also ask friends to forward your email or text plea for donation to their contacts.

  5. Use Every Network - Create a list of family, friends, work colleagues, church, and school acquaintances that you feel will help you reach your fundraising goal. Reach out to everyone on your list.

  6. Make it Easy to Donate - While this is obvious, it can be easy to forget: Make it easy for people to donate. Include the link to your fundraiser in your ask, and be sure to point out exactly where the donation button is located on your fundraiser.

  7. Get Social - Use the tools above to make the most of your social networks throughout October.

  8. Follow Up - Mark your calendar to send a follow-up reminder on your requests for a donation. Sometimes people put things off until later and it slips through the cracks.

  9. Return the Favor? - Ask someone whose cause you have supported to consider donating to your Stroll.

  10. Say Thank You More than Once - Thank people as they donate to your Stroll. Send a note afterward to tell them how many Cribettes you raised money for and thank them once again!